Value of a Spare Key

January 7, 2019


Happy New Year and hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and happy and enjoyable holiday season!


Today’s blog is about the value of having a spare key.

There can be significant cost to losing a key and not having a spare or duplicate.

There is the inconvenience cost of lost time and hassle factor of not being able to get into or in case of an automobile the ability to use.

House keys and most business keys are inexpensive to duplicate from an existing key, however if you have lost your key and you do not have an extra, you have the cost to pick the lock, the cost to pin the cylinder and the cost of sending a technician to your location. If this occurs after hours or on weekends and it’s an emergency the cost is usually even more.

Automobile Keys are more expensive to duplicate than house or business keys due to most of them having a proximity chip, programming requirements and fob cost, but if you lose your one and only original key, making a duplicate key can involve having to remove the lock for the vehicle and pinning the cylinder.

So as a recommendation or call it a New Year’s Resolution, get spare keys made for all your important locks and put the spare keys in a secure location that you can get access to.  For spare car keys with key fob and or key with a chip be careful to store in dry environment; These do not do well or will potentially stop working if they get wet.

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