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Making Homes More Accessible for the Elderly

Written January 12, 2019 by Jeff Traeger

One thing that you can do to make your parents or grandparents homes more accessible for them is to replace conventional door knob locks, which are typically round, with lever door locks or egg shape door locks. These are much easier to use for folks with arthritis and/or who have trouble with dexterity/strength in their hands. It is common for the elderly to lose strength in their extremities which effects their ability to use a conventional door knob, so lever locks are an easy solution!

Another issue is homes occupied by the elderly sometimes are older and the doors can be difficult to open and shut. These issues can be solved by Hallford Brother Security Lock and Safe, LLC. We can send one of our Locksmiths out and have them check all doors for ease of use and will adjust if necessary. We can also rekey all locks to be keyed alike so that one key can work all the locks in the house.

Please visit Hallford Brother Security Lock and Safe, LLC at our storefront or give us a call if you would like any of these services.