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Locksmith Tips!

Written September 27, 2017 by Maeghan Duckett

You never know when you’ll need a locksmith. Take the time to seek a reputable one out before you need one in an emergency or for other things.

Locksmith scams will take advantage of vulnerable customers, i.e those needing immediate assistance in an event of an emergency. Many locksmith scams will NOT have a storefront. They operate off call centers that are located all over. These locksmiths may not even be trained!

Here are three steps towards avoiding locksmith scams!

  1. Find a LOCAL locksmith! The best thing to do is call around to find a locksmith near you. Then check their reviews and be sure they have a storefront or some point of reference within your area.
  2. Check for locksmith ID and license! When your locksmith arrives, be sure to ask for identification. A legitimate locksmith should also be asking you for identification to make sure they are servicing the right customer.
  3. Get a cost estimate! Get an estimate prior to having any work done. Never hire a locksmith who cannot provide you with an estimate.