Google is on your Side!

Google is on your Side: Written February 24, 2017 by Maeghan Duckett

Did you know that Google is in the process off fighting back against countless fraud cases involving locksmiths and plumbers who are out just to make a dollar and scam their customers!?

It’s took quite a while but, Google is in the process of implementing an advanced verification process that locksmiths and plumbers will have to go through in order to be listed on Google properties. Finally, a start in the right direction!

Google had been receiving a lot of pressure from many Attorney Generals who had been receiving numerous complaints regarding being scammed by locksmiths. This must have put some fire under their belts!

Unfortunately, it is easy to get scammed. You get locked out of your house so you quickly Google a locksmith. Google shows you ads that provide locksmith services at fair rates. You call one of these bargain locksmiths who have no storefront or showroom. They operate out of their vehicles and their call center is probably nowhere near your location. The locksmith comes to “the rescue” and then hits you with a large bill you did not see coming! Well, this will be slowly coming to an end.

Google sent out an email stating that they are testing the verification program in San Diego. They stated that all locksmiths and plumbers will have to go through this process, even businesses who are currently verified. What about the businesses who will choose not to go through Google’s verification process? If businesses fail to complete the verification process, they will lose their location on Google maps along with their verified status.

The verification process will include a variety of questions from Google. The process will be handled through a third-party verification company. It can take approximately 2 weeks to complete and businesses may encounter multiple types of verifications, depending on the business listings they manage.

According to Google, businesses have to be verified in order to manage information on Google Maps, Search and other Google properties. This verification process ensures that business information is accurate and, it allows for only the business owner and or manager to have access to the business information.

Google’s advanced verification system should minimize the amount of locksmith and plumber scams. The fraudulent ads will hopefully be a thing of the past. Despite Google’s effort to decrease the number of frauds and scams, do your part and be smart about the businesses you choose to work with.

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