ReKey and Tune-Up

Home, Commercial Properties, Churches and HOA Rekey and/or Tune-up

Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC routinely Rekeys homes, commercial properties, churches and HOA. This service usually can be done in a couple of hours and is commonly done for home buyers who for security purposes want to eliminate the risk of prior owners, contractors etc. having keys that open the house. Rekeying a lock is an inexpensive way to eliminate this risk and give the new home buyer peace of mind. Our technicians can be scheduled to do this in conjunction with or shortly after a customer closes on a home purchase.

Another service we can provide in conjunction with Rekeys is to Tune-up the locks in older homes. Locks as they age incur wear and tear and tend to become sticky or hard to use. Another issue we frequently encounter in older houses is that the existing locks are not keyed alike, so the owner must use multiple keys to operate these. Also, over time locks especially cheap ones tend to wear out or become difficult to use, this includes the door being hard to lock or unlock, sticky locking mechanism, door strike not aligning properly, etc.  Our technicians can adjust, service or replace your existing locks and hardware to ensure smooth and reliable operation of all your locks.

ReKey and Additional Services

Typical home lock issues:

  1. Locks not keyed alike.
  2. Locks are sticky.
  3. Door strike not aligned.
  4. Lock worn out. (usually happens with cheap lockset)
  5. Lock installed improperly.
  6. Lock is difficult or won’t lock or unlock.
  7. Lock does not properly secure the door or can be opened without key with minimal effort.

So, if you are a purchaser of a New or New (Used) home or having any of these issues or other issues with your locks give us a call and we will schedule one of our technicians to come out to your house and remedy your lock issue.

Rekeying is more secure for you!

Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC is licensed, insured and bonded. We provide upfront pricing, guarantee our work and sell all major brands. Since 1963 Commercial Clients, Homeowners, HOAs and Churches have relied on us to help keep their property secure and their property safe.

For 58 years we at Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC have built our reputation one customer and one key at a time.

Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC operates out of its Store Front, Shop and Showroom at 705 Roswell Street, Marietta, 30060. We are about a ½ mile west of the Big Chicken on Roswell Street.

Please call us at 770-422-2483 for service or questions we would love to solve you locksmithing problem! You can also visit our website at

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