Commercial Property Owners and Businesses: Key Access and Security Strategy

By Jeff Traeger February 27, 2019 

Security and access

Commercial property owners and businesses have a unique problem, which is how to maintain access security when you issue keys to employees.

There are several things you can do to better maintain access security, but one of the most effective ways is to utilize proprietary locks and keys that cannot be bought/duplicated at your local hardware or big box store.

Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC specializes in maintaining and servicing hundreds of business and commercial property owner’s facilities. We have exclusive rights to many proprietary and restricted keyways, including Medeco, Best, JD and others. Since these keyways are built for commercial use, they remain reliable for a longer amount of time, are more difficult to pick, and key duplication access is restricted not only by key blank access but key duplication technology.

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So what does this mean for your commercial property? If your keyways are not proprietary or restricted, employees who have been given keys can go to a hardware or big box store and make a duplicate. Basically, even if you have a business policy to collect keys upon termination of employment there is no guarantee that extra keys aren’t floating around that could defeat parts of your security strategy.

How do proprietary and restricted access keyways work? A proprietary or restricted access key is only available to exclusive dealers, which in most instances is restricted by territory and capability. These types of keys are made differently. The key blanks are heavy duty, more difficult to break off in the lock, usually cannot be duplicated by standard key cutting machines, and are sold only to dealers like Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC . These types of keyway systems allow for the setup of a tiered “Master Key Structure”, which means you can issue keys to employees that only allow access to limited areas, but you can issue “Master Keys” to managers that allow for access to greater areas. Master key structures can be set up to have multiple tiers to allow for unlimited levels of access control.

We at Hallford Brothers Security Lock and Safe, LLC have many years of experience assisting our clients with their key access security strategy. In cases of proprietary and restricted access keyways, we keep permanent records of their individual setup, so if a key needs to be duplicated we follow an agreed upon duplication approval process.

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